Birthday 6-5-98
birth weight 8lb 10oz
length 20 3/4"

current weight 42#
height 40 inches

Morgan loves to dance and is taking lessons now, she starts preschool for
the first time in August and is very excited about that. She potty trained
before she turned 2 and knows all her ABC's and numbers up to 12 by sight
and counts to 20. She's learning to write some letters and numbers and can
draw faces now, so her scribbling is actually turning into stuff to look at
rather than just scribbles. Morgan loves "Out of the Box" and "Rugrats" her
favorite toys I think would be her tricycle and her swingset. She's still
very much attached to her little pink doll "Pinkin" (I got before she was
born) and her "Rag" (cloth diaper) and has to have them to go to bed. Her
favorite foods are "Mina cheese sammiches" and PBJ, she's a bread eater like
her Mama. She also likes Mac and cheese and just about anything with pasta,
but hates rice dishes. Her hair is blonde though it doesn't show well in
this picture because it's dark and also wet, it's just began to really grow
finally in the last 2- 3 months so that now she can wear dog ears or pony
tails. She's sleeping in our bed (since about 18 months) and we will start
moving her to her own bed at some point but I'm still enjoying her very much
and she's growing up too fast. I am thinking that the terrible 3's are gonna
be much worse than the terrible 2's, this "I can do it myself" phase and
streak of stubborn-ness is making for some trying times around here. She's
the joy of our lives and we feel so blessed to wake up every morning and
start a new day with her.